Hershey's chocolate heavens

This illustration was made for a school project as a promotion to Hershey’s chocolate factory tours. The source of their delightful chocolate. Taj Mahal was chosen to be remade with some of Hershey’s products because it was deemed by some historians as the most successful attempt at imagining and recreating heaven on earth.

New design copy.jpg


Hershey's Kisses are an iconic product, and form an integral part of the design elements.


The pattern is heavily influenced by Turkish Tezhip traditional art - an art style that alludes to the heavenly gardens described by religious scripts.

The original floral elements in the patterns were substituted by Hershey's Kisses - the product of focus in this piece.


The rich and frothy rivers of chocolate are a reference to Quranic texts describing heaven with gushing rivers of milk and honey.