Breaking Free:
This project was conceived as part of a school assignment - an editorial illustration for a article about a girl who quit her desk job to pursue her dreams. The specific choice of the Robin instead of other birds was becasue it’s one of the main birds in Calgary, the place where this story took place.

The metaphor used in this image of the egg with a fully grown bird hatching away from it is meant to show show how breaking free can be empowering while on the contrary, the newly born will be frail and will need some care in order to reach a phase of strength. As for the people in the egg shell windows, they are supposed to show how the girl in the article was leaving a desk mundane job, which is the reason all of the employees are dressed in the suit (Connoting corporate) and with exact same colors (connoting that they are all living the same mundane life) while the bird is in a transitional phase between quitting the job and breaking free.

The bright color palette was chosen to convey the happy feelings and lightheartedness that can only be fully comprehended by someone who had to go through such experince. While the choice of  split complemtary coloring scheme was meant to increase the contrast of the image to make it more attention grabbing to the viewer.

Breaking free.jpg